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What we offer

State-of-the-art Recovery Solutions

Our state-of-the-art recovery solutions put people at the center to combat advanced phishing and collusion attacks. We help you bolster your cyber-defense and ensure an efficient and user-friendly experience for your users. At Revive Labs we know digital identity is at the center of your product and we will help you stay ahead as your trusted partner.

Secure Recovery SDKs

Native Android and iOS SDKs to help you integrate advanced recovery features for your customers.

Fast & Reliable APIs

Enable in-person and remote recovery scenarios using our backend infrastructure.


Recovery is not one-size fits all, and our team is here to help you best serve your customers!

Protect Against Phishing

Help your IT team stay safe with phishing and collusion resistant recovery.

Recover Credentials

Easily regain access with original credentials! No need to update your identity systems.

Passwordless Fallback

Your phone number doesn't define you. Let the people you trust help you recover.
// Integrate with your mobile app using our SDK
import ReviveSDK from "package:revive-sdk/revive";

function main() {

We help you focus on identity

Account recovery is required for every identity system, but insecure recovery methods have made it the #1 way hackers compromise organizations. Let our patent-pending innovations help you fight off attackers and get back to what you do best!


No hardware! Use your own devices.

People First

People helping people... at scale!

We provide Important Features for Credential Managers

Whether you're a startup or Fortune 500 company,
Revive Labs has you covered.

Use our cloud or lets integrate on-prem, our full stack recovery solution is designed to meet your unique needs.

  • Mitigating AI Cyber Threats
  • Scalability to Billions of Users
  • Type-Safe SDKs
  • Integration Expertise

Your Partner in Digital Credential Recovery

Reach out to see how we can help you keep your users safe.